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~*~Leo~*~. leo horoscope. It's time to call up your loved ones and clean up any dramatic messes, so don't be afraid to have the uncomfortable.
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Having fun with the people you love and doing what brings a smile to your face became your number one priority last month when Jupiter moved into your 5th House of Romance, Pleasure, and Creative Self-Expression. Those Jupiterian blessings will get a jump-start this month thanks to a gorgeous New Moon in the same area of your chart on December 7.

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If you're single, this lunation will help you open your heart to a new special someone. In fact, you may fall in love before you know it. If your sex life has been lacking, having Jupiter and the New Moon stimulating your 5th house can absolutely bring some physical action back into your life. It'll make you feel on top of the world! However, if children are not a priority for you, be careful.

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You're under a tremendously fertile cycle now. Baby making can definitely be on the horizon. Alternatively, you might feel a creative spark this month that will encourage you to initiate a brand-new artistic endeavor you're extremely passionate about.

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Go for it! There seems to be great success and fulfillment attached to this effort. In other news, if you've been experiencing any miscommunication with relatives, it will all begin to clear up after December 6 when Mercury turns direct in your home and family sector. Share the story of your heart.

The new moon on Friday wants you to release insecurities and crises of confidence. Apply your skills of verbal conversation, active listening, and curiosity to receive abundance from unexpected sources.

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The financial crisis is behind you, Libra. The new moon on Friday wants you to apply straight talk as a value and to stop worrying about pleasing everybody. Venus and Mercury are touring through your sign, Scorpio, making you the most articulate and magnetic of them all. Use this charisma and intelligence in service to your personal goals and helping others. The new moon on Friday asks you to set intentions for income and security—define what you need for success.

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Happy Birthday, Sagittarius! Is closure on your wish list? Let go of the outdated things in your life that are blocking you from joy and relationship health. Be intentional and specific about all your dreams, and happy manifesting.

Try seeing your friendships as more romantic and your romances as more friendly, Capricorn—minimize the barriers between both. Ready for career lift-off, water-bearer? Professional success and your intelligence are coming to your aid.

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Bon voyage, Pisces! You want to explore new places and people who share your profound curiosity and optimism. Be brave as you define your wishes! Type keyword s to search.

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