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Birthday is October 22nd, Free Birthday Horoscope October. Free Horoscope for those who was born on October and whose zodiac sign is Libra.
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This solar season brings wealth and money and also prestige, love, and partnership for nearly all zodiac signs as it communicates strongly with all personal planets and outer planets for the next three weeks. The planet of love, beauty, and fidelity is in the sign of Libra this month. In Libra, she's comfortable in her dignity. This week Mercury moves into the sign of Scorpio on October 3rd.

Mercury in Scorpio is a revealer of secrets. If things are hidden, they can come to light. Scorpio is a sign that embraces the truth, so this isn't a time for shame, but instead, for healing on the deepest levels. Saturn is in Capricorn, so we are still hard at work and not seeing a need to be overly consumed with matters that are inconsequential. Pluto turns direct on October 3rd.

The transformation that took place within starts to focus on the application of lessons learned. This is a time to show your progress, not to conceal it from others. Mars enters Libra on October 4th, so this fuels the fire for love, for more balance, and a commitment to do what's right, fair and just. To find out more, check out your zodiac sign below to see predictions from your weekly horoscope from September 30th - October 6th, , according to astrology. The New Moon in Libra can come inspiration for a new project.

Mars will lend its energy to fuel your passions and intensify relationships when it moves into Libra. The New Moon in Libra may encourage an upcoming opportunity to meet someone who will likely become near and dear to you. Taurus, Taurus, you generally love music and the arts. The Sun in Libra will inspire you to spend some time on creative pursuits for your health and wellbeing. Gemini, lookout! The Sun in Libra with Mercury and Venus can help you to restore peace to family relationships in time for Mercury to enter Scorpio, where things can resolve.

Well, this month is an opportunity to shift gears. Read on for enlightenment! You are under Libra, which is the 7th sign of the zodiac. It empowers you to exude warmth and generosity in your life. Your astrological symbol is the Scales. This symbol caters to people born between September 23 and October It enables you to show knowledge, wisdom, and balance.

The planet Venus plays an important role in your life.



We associate this celestial body with the Greek goddess Aphrodite. Thus, you exhibit the qualities associated with this deity. For example, you are ambitious and enthusiastic. Your principal governing element is Air. This element works alongside Fire, Earth, and Air to give your life its full meaning. October 22 zodiac people are on the Libra-Scorpio Astrological Cusp. This is the Cusp of Drama and Criticism. The planets Venus and Pluto rule over this cusp. Venus, the planet of the goddess, rules over your Libra personality. On the other hand, Pluto governs your Scorpio side. These two celestial bodies add much value to your life.


For example, you are very observant and reasonable. Also, you value love.

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You view it as the best avenue for expressing your whole being. The Cusp of Drama plays an important role in your life. This means that you have a keen eye for choosing the right investments. Your astrological chart indicates that you are keen to take care of your life. However, watch out for possible infections in your kidneys and adrenal glands. As a rule, Libra people are prone to such injuries.

October 22 zodiac people are very romantic. You are able to use your charm, enthusiasm, and imagination to win the heart of anyone you fancy. You enjoy the company of affectionate and reliable lovers. This is because you have much in common with such people.

As such, you are. Being elegant and a charming, you are a powerful magnet for many admirers. They admire the fact that you live your life to the fullest. Your relationships are no different in this aspect. You show a degree of passion that few people can muster.


The single Libra is never in a hurry to marry. Instead, you prefer to focus on your personal development and growth. You are willing to spend massive resources to enhance your studies and career advancement. The zodiac birthstone could be used in accessories and jewelry items. This gemstone is said to relax and induce physical visions.

Libra weekly horoscope - 7 Oct , Monday - 13 Oct , Sunday

It is thought to unleash the creative genius and might help Libra express their emotions and ideas in a clearer and convincing way. Its name derives from the Greek "opallos" that translates into "to change color". Another gemstone considered influential for Libra natives is Jade. It suggests practical intelligence. Rose is a plant that symbolizes loyalty and trust. This zodiac flower could be used in gifts and accessories.

This generic symbol of love can embrace different meanings with different colors. This flower can be found during midspring to fall. Bronze is known to represent wisdom and never ending power. This zodiac metal could be used in accessories and decorative objects. Bronze is not only related to monetary wealth but also to arts and warfare. It is thought to influence knowledge and advancement of a whole generation.

It is said to influence progress and human civilization. In regard to the personality of those born on October 22 are observant, pacifistic and extremely reasonable but they can also turn their back on you if you don't respect them. Regarding their love and family life, they find love to be the ultimate expression so they leave the real feelings aside for when the right person comes. They also make excellent diplomats and negotiators. Their health is generally good but since Libra is said to rule the kidneys and adrenal glands, they are inclined to suffer from ailments concerning these regions.

At which of the four do you believe those belonging to October 22 are most successful? Share your opinion by answering this poll:. This decan is influenced by the planet Mercury. Those born under this influence combine the sympathetic and dependable nature of Libra with the humorous and communicative nature of Mercury.

This period tempers the positive and negative characteristics of the Libra zodiac sign with a great accent on the negative ones. Being born on the 22nd day of the month shows efficiency, confidence, logic and stubbornness. The numerology for October 22 is 4. This number reveals creation combined with logic and a bit of stubbornness. Those Libra associated with number four are surely imaginative but also hard working and critical. October is the tenth month of the year, bringing radiant activity and provision like activities.

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  • Those born in October are attentive and decisive. October 22 Zodiac people are introspective daydreamers. October symbols that resonate with these people are the Aquamarine and Opal as gemstones and the Calendula as plant. In the Gregorian Calendar, October 22 appears as the th day of the year or the th day in case of leap years and there are 70 days left until the end of the year. The fifty second day of autumn, this is also the International Stuttering Awareness Day. Libra is the fifth most popular zodiac sign on the list of most common to least common astrology signs.

    It is of masculine symbolism, considered of odd number and with a positive meaning. This characterizes extrovert natives who are jovial and quite imprecise. The archetype used to characterize this sign is the Flirt. In Libra there are born the most high achievers in school. Author: Denise. Lucky numbers: 6, 8, 11, 14,

    October 22 Zodiac Sign