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Birth Day Number 23 means versatile talents, sociability, mobility, and love for freedom. Your life changes along with circumstances, as you are not afraid of.
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Since 1 is a number of firsts, you will strive to be number one and be competitive, even if it is only with yourself. You are willful, confident and assertive. As a 1 Life Path, you have extremely high standards and will strive to be the first at everything you do. You require variety and independence. You are an innovator and inventor who loves to find creative solutions.

Challenge: You have so many ideas and inspirations, in such a unique way you might not know how to handle the energy or have the confidence to bring your ideas to fruition.

Every path has primary and secondary influences

You can over-think things. Since you are learning how to BE an authority, you sometimes conflict with authority. Once you learn to have the confidence to be your creative, unique and inventive self, you can thrive. You will be loving and very sensitive to pleasing others, as well as receiving subtle energy and subconscious messages. As a 2 Life Path you are very psychic! You are strongly connected to childhood memories and children , and their dreams. You are a natural peacemaker and can always see two sides of a situation. You enjoy being in any partnership whether it be as lovers, friends, or colleagues.

You must learn to listen to and express your own needs rather than please others. You must also learn not to take things personally. Once you learn how to create healthy boundaries, say no when you are feeling stretched, and listen to your own needs, you can tap into your unbound intuition and truly thrive. Cooperation, fertility, and growth are life themes for you. You enjoy creating and expressing heartfelt emotion. You are a natural counselor and love to make people feel comfortable and nurtured. This is a highly sociable vibration who loves to smile, have fun, and make people laugh.

Challenge: Because you feel very deeply, you are sometimes self-conscious about expressing your emotions, and withdraw. You tend to be scattered and experience self-doubt. Once you learn how to express what is inside of you directly and joyfully — saying what you feel, you will find many fulfilling relationships and endeavors. You are interested in all matters of the physical world such as structure, family, order, logic, power, property, and real estate. This includes anything in the earthly dominion, such as the four elements, four seasons, four cardinal directions, etc.

As such your relationship to your father was a strong influence in your life. This is so you can learn how to father yourself and find your authority within. For some, your fathers are your role models. It is very important for you have security and share your bounty with others. You like to master things and pass down your experience to others. As a Life Path 4, you are a fierce protector of people and causes you believe in, so anyone would be lucky to have you on their side. You can be overly logical or stubborn, and allow your need for security to overwhelm your better judgment. You must become comfortable with self-discipline so you find strength and fortitude within.

You must learn how to balance reason with emotions, intuition with logic, and work with play. As a Life Path 5, you are a quick-witted fun loving person who loves to learn and play. You are a freedom fighter and adventure lover who needs to experience things for yourself, through your five senses. You are a natural storyteller, entertainer, and also a very good counselor. This is a highly social vibration so you are sure to be the life of the party. You are always fun to be around! Challenge: Oftentimes you have difficulty finding what you want to commit to because your need for freedom and variety is so strong.

You must learn that freedom comes from within, so if you find something that you like, you must find the discipline to stick to it and find freedom within that. Also, you often learn from mistakes, so please understand that you cannot be perfect right away. Mistakes are part of the learning process and its OK to make them. As a Life Path 6, you are very sensitive to vibrations, and therefore wish for your environment and all your relationships to feel peaceful and harmonious. You are often highly idealistic, and find beauty all around you.

You are strongly connected to music, colors, art, and anything that brings harmony and beauty. You can pick up the energy of a person or room instantly, because you are highly intuitive. This Life Path learns best from relating to others, so they often feel the need to be in a romantic relationship.

You love to nurture and are naturally good with animals, children, and plants. Challenge: Since you are so sensitive to vibrations, you dislike being criticized at all costs, and will often do anything to please people, even at your own expense. You have especially high, if not perfectionist expectations of yourself, and often compare yourselves to others, and can think life is not fair.

Trust is the key for you. You have a wonderful mind that loves to penetrate the truth of every situation, and therefore can make a great researcher. A Life Path 7 can read between the lines. You love to explore all of the mysteries of life, and can apply your mind to anything you choose.

Birthday Number 23

You are connected to the Spirit in all things, and have a wonderful intuition. Since your mind is so strong and insightful, you are always picking up higher frequencies, therefore you require a great deal of privacy, alone time, meditation and introspection to process all of the energy and insight you are receiving.

You are deeply connected to nature, especially water. Being in the expansive energy of the elements helps you feel at One with everything. Challenge: You often fear betrayal and therefore attract relationships where you are, in fact, betrayed. A Life Path 7 must learn to train your mind and develop faith in yourself, in Spirit, and the Universe. This Life Path can find reality too difficult and therefore escape into addictions or avoid commitment.

Once you learn to trust your own intuition, you will attract more trustworthy people and circumstances and trust the process of life as well. As an 8 Life Path, you are a magnetic person who can make a great leader and organizer because of your ability to see the big picture of things. But they will be in frequent accidents; their lives will have many ups and downs. If they are not careful in romantic matters, their life will suffer later on.

This number attracts everyone. Hence the number 14s are very popular in politics, with a crowd around them always. The people born on the day 23 are very fortunate indeed. They are blessed with the gaze of Guru Chandra yoga. They will have the support of the government in all matters. They will receive honorary and top positions in the society. They will live like a king. They are cultured and full of virtue. They are born to succeed. They are magnetic, charming and win everyone with their smile.

No one can win against their arguments.

As they receive the love and admiration of everyone, they succeed in their public lives as great businessmen, politician, and spiritual leaders. They have a medium height and are slightly on the heavier side. They have an alluring, round face with sharp, attractive eyes. They have a fast way of talking and walking.

The number 5s will shine well in the field of writing. They will have many pen friends. They are lucky in politics too. The number 5s can take up the paper, pulses, cereals, turmeric, pearl, betel leaves trading profitably. Accountancy, academics, statistics, postal department, public speaking, ceremony masters are quite a few jobs they excel at.

They will do well in the fields of science, arts, astrology and mathematics. The number 5s become famous actors, actresses, artists and researchers. They will do better in self-employed positions than in government jobs.


Only if their destiny number is favorable, then they can shine in government jobs. The employers who employ the number 5s reap profits as this number is associated with wealth. The number 5s come up with new ideas for business and are appreciated by their bosses. They usually work for private firms. Their pay scale is the only thing that matters. Hence they take up part-time jobs, side businesses to multiply their income.

They can take up any business as they are natural people magnets. Wherever they are, people form a crowd around them.

Numerology : the number 5 personality (if you're born on the 5, 14 or 23)

Energetic, enthusiastic and money-loving, they work great in commission jobs. They become famous brokers and commission agents. They also do well as travel agents. But while they are in one business, their minds will race towards a new venture, seeking better pay and fame. Thus, they tend to jump from one business to another, without doing anything completely. They should avoid this jack-of-all-trades tendency and stay put in their business. Instead of seeking new businesses they can find some innovative ideas to add verve to their existing business. They make good ambassadors. Astronomy and telecommunications are also good fields for them.

They also do well in HR-related fields, marketing, and PR sectors. The number 5s love romance. They indulge in the romance with full abandon; they are brave and stubborn enough to marry the person they love. Especially they are attracted towards people born on 5 and 9. They can marry people born on 1, 3 and 6. The days 1, 9, 10, 18, 19, 27, 28 and dates which add to 1 or 9 are best wedding dates for the number 5s. The days 6, 15 and 24 and dates which add to 6 are moderately suitable.

Generally, childlessness afflicts them; they can avoid this misfortune if they marry people born on 2 or 6. Since they have nerve weaknesses, they should avoid marrying persons with number 5, as this will weaken their child-bearing capacity further. If they can slow down for the sake of their spouses, their life will be much happier and pleasant. The number 5s have the ability to make friends with anyone. But they are more attracted towards the numbers 1, 9 and 6.

They make intelligent and adjusting partners; hence they can partner with anyone and succeed in their businesses. The number 5s mind is always racing endlessly with thoughts that make them prone to tension, restlessness, nerve problems and random pains.

They might have been afflicted with fits in their youth. If they take care of their health, follow a good diet, have enough rest, they can avoid all the above problems.

Birthday Number 23 - Numerology Center

By avoiding indulgence in base desires, they can strengthen their nerves. In severe cases, they might be affected by paralysis, one-sided nerve damage and nerve atrophy. Hence they should take lots of green leafy vegetables, pulses, and cereals that will up the protein content in their diets. Taking part in physical activities will also do them good.

Their mind will be up and running even during the nights, resulting in disturbed sleep. Hence they should practice yoga, meditation, and pranayama to learn to control their mind. They should try to have hours of sleep. Then their health will automatically improve. The days 5, 14, 23 and 9, 18, 27 of any months are lucky. The dates that add to the numbers 5 and 9 are also advantageous. Diamond is their lucky stone.

But they should take care to buy flawless diamonds which are rare and difficult to discern. Instead, they can go for zircon which has similar lucky properties. Grey is their lucky color. Light colors bring them good fortune. Shiny clothes and colors prove lucky for them. Numerology No. Numerology Number No. Leave A Reply Cancel Reply. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email.

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