Leo weekly horoscope january 11

ARIES (March 21 - April 20). Powerful cosmic forces are now gathered in the career area of your chart, which means you are determined to do.
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A clear picture of what works in your life and where you need to make adjustments helps you map out a strategy to get the most out of your abilities. Your bright ideas are more likely to land on receptive ears now, attracting open-minded and intelligent people. The audacious Leo Full Moon on January 26 tempts you to put all your cards on the table boldly, yet savvy Saturn's stressful square indicates the importance of sharing information selectively rather than exposing your unfiltered feelings naively to everyone.

Buckling down and studying hard to be a good student of your craft may be humbling now, but you'll be proud of your accomplishments later. Expect a little help from your friends on January 4, when energetic Mars in your 7th House of Partners forms an enterprising trine with magnanimous Jupiter in your 11th House of Colleagues.

You'll find it essential to balance high expectations with an eye for details, because a scrutinizing Mercury-Pluto conjunction on January 6 can cause failure due to a minor matter. Stern Saturn either slams the brakes on your ambitions with a harsh square to Mars on January 7 or carefully establishes a rock-solid foundation built on strict guidelines and meticulous methods.

Sun enters Scorpio

Creative projects and friendly relations grind to a halt as the Sun forms a tense square with restrictive Saturn. Perhaps you were too hopeful about an arrangement and didn't fully consider its emotional consequences.

Leo Weekly Horoscope: January 11th to 17th, 2016 - Sidereal Astrology

BS Srinivasan Leave a comment. Leo horoscope for January foretells that social skills are most essential for you to this month to achieve your goals and objectives.

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Other people will be the source of your success hence you should ensure that you learn how to relate to people around you, be it family, friends or strangers. The Leo personality is committed and hardworking, but he or she may also be a snob at times being that he or she belittles people. These same people you belittle are the ones who will help you through a financial crisis and your career development. Take this in-depth four elements personality quiz to understand it. According to the Leo horoscope predictions , you are one of the most admired stars of the zodiac sign hence you should not take this for granted instead use it to your advantage and make as many friends as possible.

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Do You Have Good Karma? Try The Karma Quiz Now!! As per the Leo love horoscope , the House of love is dominant in this month. Those who are married will enjoy so much love that will, in turn, lead to Leo pregnancy.

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Those in relationships will be ready to take the next step towards their commitment to each other. The January horoscope predictions reveal that you will have great fun with the Leo children and your family as a whole. Based on the Leo January horoscope , your family may experience a lot of difficulties this month, but peace and harmony are sure to reign in the family after the end of this month.

You need to be healthy for your family since you are the one that they rely on to solve the issues being experienced. What Color Matches Your Personality? Try The Quiz Now!!