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Perfect your follow-through while the Moon wanes in Taurus from p.m. EST on Wednesday evening until early Saturday morning at
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With the Moon full in your relationship …. Have you been feeling it?

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For the past couple of days, the Capricorn sun and the building full moon in Cancer have been amped up by Uranus, Jupiter, …. The sun, the life giver of our solar system, is at its closest proximity to the Earth right now. Travelling through the sign of Capricorn, the sun ….

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It's a brand-new year — and while we're not saying everything will magically improve, 's stars are a lot less complicated than 's. January is a month that will be both motivating and meditative,. Teen Vogue - Desiree Mwalimu.

Mercury retrograde continues until January 8th, which means we must be proceed carefully and actively work to avoid miscommunication. This is a ripe time for planting new seeds in fertile ground, making.

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Cosmopolitan - By Aurora Tower. You are sorting through your values and priorities this week, and may be of two minds about something. An undeniable spark in your love life cheers you up Monday, so be open to an unexpected fling or stranger.

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Mercury in Capricorn has just started a three-week retrograde tour. As is typical, the cycle can mess with plans, communications, mobility, the ….

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Slow down and prioritize this week. Verbal Mercury goes into one of it's periodic retrogrades on Monday and will cause some confusion, especially regarding financial situations. So it's not a great time.

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Ready, set, go. Venus, freshly into Aquarius, boosts pleasure and profits for the next couple of weeks. Start to finish, Friday is stacked with a host …. United we stand, divided we fall. But that doesn't mean we have to meld into some homogenous mass. This Tuesday, the new moon in global Sagittarius reminds us to celebrate diversity and the independent.

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In the stars right now:. Set yourself to beast mode!

Focus, focus, focus! October is a 1 month in Numerology, paired with the amplifying power Make it a doppia! Guest astrologer and wellness alchemist, Stephanie Gailing, MS, shares her wisdom for staying healthy during Regain footing in relationships with a zodiac-inspired meditation from psychotherapist Terri Cole. What the world When the Sun transits fair-minded, harmonious, and aesthetic Libra from September 22 to October 23, Daily Horoscopes: October 9, Daily Horoscopes: October 8, Daily Horoscopes: October 7, Daily Horoscopes: October , Daily Horoscopes: October 4, Daily Horoscopes: October 3, Daily Horoscopes: October 2, Daily Horoscopes: October 1, Astrology Learn more about your chart Go beyond Sun signs to learn more the planets in your chart, the 12 houses and much more.