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gemini May थप भिडियोहरू: This is a general Tarot Reading Horoscope for the Zodiac Sign of Gemini for the month of May If you would GEMINI May || Pandora's Love Box.
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Last post of the year!. Thank you to all my readers. Que entrada mas fascinante! Me encanto leerla. Es tan interesante saber mas de la posicion de las mujeres en la sociedad anciana Griega. Parece que no importa donde pero en cualquier sociedad patriarchal los hombres creen mitologia negativa tratando de las mujeres. El mito de Pandora realmente es tan parecido al mito de Eve y las creencias negativas de los griegos ancianos son tan parecidos a los de otras culturas patriarchales.

Perdon para mi ausencia de WordPress he estado muy ocupada con intentando de conseguir un puesto como corresponsal de salud mental en la BBC. No tendre ese trabajo para bastante tiempo pero las cosas muevan en direccion positiva. Muchas gracias para todo tu apollo por mi blog. Feliz Navidad un beso Caroline xx. Muchas gracias por tu inteligente comentario, querida Caroline… Me alegra tanto leerte!. Algunos dicen que fue el primer revolucionario de la Historia… Y en cierto sentido lo fue.

Mucha suerte con tus proyectos, amiga. Me alegro de que tu carrera como periodista y escritora haya despegado y funcione tan bien! Thank you very much, So glad to know that you like Greek Mythology. I really appreciate your words. Reblogged this on newauthoronline and commented: An interesting post on the role of women particularly Helen of Troy and Pandora as portrayed in Greek Mythology, followed by a story imagining what happens after Pandora opens the box which released evil upon the world. Buenos dias! Me llamo Roberto, y yo soy diferente de los otros.

Tengo un pene, como macho, pero al dentro, yo soy chica. Me entiendes? A mi me gustaria mucho escucharte mas y recibir la verdad tuya. No me gustaria hablar con Massimo a WordPress. De todos modos, yo trato de hablar contiga. Tengo mucho, mucho miedo! Yo necisito alguien como ti para escucharme y darme palabras bonitos. Espero que no soy un retrasado mental, o qualquier nombre que se usa ahora. Hola Roberto; Sexuality is a complex thing. As usual and as one who knows very little about Greek mythology , my head is spinning. Cheers to you and Carolee collaborating.

All the best holiday wishes to you … Merry Christmas. Thank you very much, dear Frank. From Carolee as well… So glad to know that you enjoyed the collaboration… We are getting closer to Christmas: unbelievable! I absolutely agree with you!. Thank you very much, dear Jacqui… have a great week. Reblogged this on lampmagician. Thanks so much for sharing, my friend!

I have known many Pandoras in my life. They were great teachers. Not in the ways of books, but rather in hesitation and wonder; in those unclear moments that lead to unexpected consequences. Men are but ships passing beneath the moon, caught in the flow and in the end very often only drunken clowns. Hi Duke… I like reading your thoughts… I think that certain features can apply to both men and women… Although, from a mythological, social, cultural… and even religious point of view women have been neglected and underestimated to say the least. Thanks so much fro your comment here.

Greek Mythology is always so charming…I like it because it reflects the nature and the human society. I agree with you… Mythology is a reflection of what we are, as It is related to the Collective Unconsciousness. Thanks so much for dropping in and for the comment.

Amazing as always. Thanks so much, Rob!!! Wonderfully researched, beautifully illustrated, this post is a work of art in itself. Congratulations to all concerned.

Thanks so much dear Susan… for dropping in and for the comment. Congrats on the poems Aquileana — and thanks to Carolee for her words. I am sure Carolee will apprecaite it… Her brief story is excellent. Merry Christmas in advance and all the best for ! Enjoyed reading the interpretations of the story of Pandora and Helen of Troy which described these women in a light different from the patriarchal interpretation that confined them in strictly defined roles.

Thanks so much deat Somali… for such a well penned comment and for your accurate insights. I have the feeling that those among us,- man or women- who are looked down to and have continuously to fight for their rights become much more strong than those who live an easy life. Thank you so much , dear Aquileana, for your highly interesting post. Reblogged this on Blinded by the Darkness and commented: Very informative, engaging and accessible …. Thanks so much for sharing, dear Neo-Pelagius… I really appreciate it!.

Thanks so much for your words, dear Taphian!. So glad to know that you enjoyed it…. Thank you for your kind wishes. I am just occupied with Greek mythology myself. Will post soon. A wonderful collaboration! I had been reading up on women in mythology and the patriarchal system of beliefs so this one is right up my recent reading alley.

I am glad to learn that the themes of love and partnership prevailed. Carolee, you are so imaginative! And Aquileana you make the myths easier to read with how you write them. Glad you enjoyed it, Christy. This myth is so evocative in feeding the imagination. Thanks so much, Chris. That really means a lot. Such an honor! Please, let me know which are your recommendations. I am glad that at the end a more equal idea of Love prevailed, as the conclusion of the most highlights.

And thank you for reading it in detail. Very appreciative. Her story is hopeful and positive… and yet from a critic not naive point of view. And your words to me make my heart full, Aqui. Thanks for the beautiful comment in return xo Love and hugs — YES! A beautiful collaboration you two. Such amazing artwork and links! Just lovely. Thank you Aquileana and Carolee. Thank you very much, dear Holly..

I am thrilled to know that you enjoyed our collaboration! I love the article very much. I think many men still think women are a necessary evil. Or perhaps that was her daughter. A good example… and a sad reminder. Thanks so much for your great story… It is brilliant dear Carolee! Thank you so much for having me, Aquileana. As with all my stories, I like to end it on a positive note, and to inspire women. When I was growing up I felt there were not enough stories with female heroines who had any kind of important role to play in the plot.

Thank you so much for hosting me, Aquileana! And the layout is beautiful. It was a real honor, dear Carolee. I hope that you write the sequel someday! Aqui, your poetry is so epic! I loved the images and the rhythm. It was cool to hear it spoken in your voice too. Thank you very much, dear Carolee…So glad to know that you enjoyed it… and liked the audio too..

Sending love! Ladies, you have excelled yourselves. I bow to you both xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. Thank you very much, dear, awesome She… We are thrilled to have you here and to know that you enjoyed the collaboration. That being said, it should be noted that I also feel men are probably more devious which may account for why so many of them are in power. No wonder our world is in such a mess! No wonder why many countries have or had female presidents.. I bring this to consideration because less than a century ago women were not even allowed to vote.

I think there are still things to work on, though. Thanks so much for dropping in. Women have made tremendous strides in many areas, particularly so in the political arena. But as you said, there is a lot of work still to be done. Wonderful and insightful, and a bit maddening! Thanks, Aquileana and Carolee, for the informative and creative post. I know right!? Thank you very much for dropping in and for the comment, dear Diana!

An absolutely fascinating post, my friend! I know right, sigh!? Thoroughly enjoyed all aspects of this post. Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year. See you here again in So glad to know that you found it interesting…. Wishing you a great day. Thank you very much, dear Hedy! Until all women claim their sense of self, free from constraint, censure and mediocrity we shall continue to be aware of such myths. As simple as this sounds we, women, hold the power of equality within our hands. A great collaboration, Aquileana and Carolee.

Great points, dear Carolyn… Even if we live in countries which tend to be relatively fair with women unlike the Eastern countries … at the end, attitude and our inner core reveals our place within society.. Aquileana, you are a marvelous teacher. I enjoy your posts so much. This is a lovely collaboration. Congrats to you both! Very nice post. In all fairness, not that prophetic a vision of hope as still so many women see little of it. I personally think the gift of hope should be considered just a different evil Zeus saw fit to inflict on humanity as — again — so few of the billions of hopes of humankind come to fruition.

A particularly cruel evil because it often keeps people trapped in inaction or untenable situations instead of being agents of change. This is a very interesting comment, dear Disperser. Not in the myth. Sometimes you do not have to be totally skeptical tin order to be able to discern, though… But.. And even a way to legitimize things, being comfortably trapped in inaction… Waiting for things to miraculously change.

Excellent to read your clever and accurate insights here. Thank you very much. Marvellous post from you both. So glad to know that you found it interesting, dear Jane…. I have really enjoyed reading this interpretation of Pandora. It sounds convincing and convenient to me. Thank you very much, dear Amira… Thrilled to read your words: I really appreciate the comment.

Wonderful as always. I dated a very handsome Greek Cypriot back in the day. He was distinctly old-fashioned and wanted to ask my mum if he could court me. He disapproved of my wild ways and I bid him adieu. Well you deserved better…. Your freedom and self worth above everything even if he was very handsome, quite a pity! Amazing how we can use a phrase or cliche for decades and not even understand it. Well speaking personally anyway. Again I love the outline at the beginning of the post which I find helpful each time in your work.

Congratulations on an excellent collaboration. The myths provide the genesis of the real world in a cloak. Your use of mythology is an apt way to give us a view of storytelling that engages. Happy holiday season and keep giving us much to ponder. Thanks so much dear Sally! The saddest thing of all is that, after all this time, women are still considered somewhat inferior to men, even in the western world, which is reflected on unequal pay and opportunities for promotion.

Change is indeed very slow, but hopefully unstoppable. So true… Sigh! But being aware of this and trying to set up more equitable parameters, through little daily actions could make a difference in the long term! Thank you very much dear Sarah… so happy to know that you enjoyed it!. It is an insightful […]. Thank you Aquileana for the research and brining history and myths to life! Good to know that this post resonated with you! Un abbraccio! A very happy Christmas to you too, dear Aquileana! Thank-you for such an interesting post, not just about Pandora and Helen but also about the status of women in Ancient Greece.

Thank you very much dear Clare. What I find interesting in reading the myth of both Pandora and Helen of Troy is that really the ultimate source of all the troubles goes back to the Greek god Zeus himself — a god with the bad habits of two American Presidents combined in one- the overactive libido of a Bill Clinton and the mean petty vindictiveness of a Donald Trump.

I had never thought of that-….

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Interesting point … and analogies. Very clever of you to highlight that… Thank you very much dear Dracul!. Again another thoughtful, in-depth article about Greek mythology. This topic was so fascinating to me since I come from a background where women are encouraged to take a backseat. It seems to me ancient tales depicted them as out of control, and the idea that anything a woman does, it is to be frowned upon, objects of affection or a trophy. Nice to know why Aphrodite is one of the more prominent and supported figures. In a way it seemed she was born out of not love or a connection, but out of some kind of magic and untouchable, powerful force — giving us the idea that a woman can become who she wants to be out of nothing.

Also great fictional contribution by Carolee, bringing the characters to life once again.

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In many ways I do think patriachy still exists today, and in some cultures women are still stereotyped like they have always been in the past. Sure, some women might be okay with that and want to live like that. However, our sex and biological construct are just that, and each of us have the potential to do what we want, when we want if we speak up and stand up for ourselves. Another year and wishing you well for I got a feeling it might be a great year. Hi dear Mabel, Thanks so much for the clever insights here… I concur with you in many senses.

Yes… I also think that Patriachy still exists today. In some countries women are totally relegated. We are lucky to live in countries where women havethe same political rights… and so many social rights… even if we still have many things to improve. I liked that Carolle put Athena in her brief story. In spite of being a Goddess, she was linked to a martial society, and she has many male features the greek goddess of Wisdom was also a warrior.

So I think that somehow she is a bridge between women and men. I agree with you as to how Beauty could become a sort of regressive, weak force.. So happy that we connected on IG again, after the problem with my previous account! Un abrazo! I kew that by your impressive story is very educative about all details. I love it as always, my dear!

Have a great weekend. Bye Kamila. Thanks so much for your comment, dear Kamila! You positively hold a clear-cut ability to tell mythical stories and write flowingly. You can find his key lecture about the book on YouTube. Thank you again for visiting my poetry website today and leaving me such a wonderful gift of words. Blessings always, Deborah. HI Deborah, Thanks so much for your comment. I really means a lot.. I was thrilled to came across your blog.

Very nice post Aquileana, Pandora and Helen of Troy, the ancient Femme fatale of the Greeks, yes, the Greeks were not as enlightened as we would like them to be, despite their many accomplishments, they were not only Patriarchal and misogynist, but also practiced slavery, and you have to belong to a rich, an influential family to be able to exercise some of the freedoms, and privileges of Democracy. Not so different of today democracies around the World. Now Spartan women were a different lot.

Spartan women were famous in ancient Greece for having more freedom than elsewhere in the Greek world. To contemporaries outside of Sparta, Spartan women had a reputation for promiscuity and controlling their husbands. Married Leonidas I. Let the weeping be for cowards: but you child, I bury without a tear; you are my son, ….

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Aristotle was critical of Sparta, claiming that men were ruled by women there, unlike in the rest of Greece. Aristotle also criticized Spartan women for their wealth. We are now generally more enlightened in gender issues, however misogynist, and patriarchal mentalities are still current in many places, even in our more advanced societies, were women do not do as much money than men even working doing the same job. I figure the women are from Venus, men are from Mars argument, will still rage for quite some time, but as the mythological example of Helen, and Pandora set up.

An excellent, accurate comment…. You are right as to Spartan Women… I wanted to mention it. But I realized it would become a very long digression… It is not too easy to tackle so many things exceptions included in one post. That would be the first post of the year, in January… Areyou interested in working along with me in the technical side of this issue?. If so, let me know here. Maybe we can do a post together… Thanks so much for the contribution here. Women in Sparta…. I will email you….

I will think it over and get back to you! Me encanta! Si quieres borra el comentario para no hacer spam en tu web. Dale, enseguida paso a ver tu post… Un abrazo! I speak of all the recent sexual scandals from misconduct to rape burning up Hollywood and Washington. This is still true of many places in the world. It is a quiet coercion. Enter the Pandoras. Media mayhem ensues, heads roll and careers are ruined.

It is not the rolling heads and ruined careers that spurs me on, after all this is not the French Revolution, and I am not blood thirsty. Of course we are thwarted by the beauty industry, and a youth oriented society. However, I suspect men do not suffer the emotional after effects as harshly as women.

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I could be wrong, but until the pendulum has swung completely to the other side, we may not know. We meet tomorrow, and sexual harassment in the workplace is on topic for discussion. Aq, I adore your poetry, and will be sharing it with my favorite musician. Great article, very well done, and extremely stimulating. Much love, many hugs and the world is ours! Hi dear Re; Your comment is great, nd there are so many things to ponder.

Yes, you are right: many women seem to live under coercion… Men might take the lead. Domination and consequently submission can have different shapes. Even the idea of a woman getting married with a rich man could entail some sort of implementation of the postulates of Patriarchy. The way to legitimate social behaviours is often channeled via Mass Media… and even more.. Adds, Social Media, Magazines: it all somehow might consecrate a paradigm. Helen of Troy? Thanks so much for everything!. My friend! Each time, I am so amazed by the wealth of information you present. This collaboration was wonderful!!

Thanks so much dear Takami for such nice words… And, yes I agree with you: so much to ponder here! These are works of art, visually and verbally, that you create Aquileana.

"El Mundo Visible es Sólo un Pretexto" / "The Visible World is Just a Pretext".-

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Hopefully you had good friends and a solid support network to lean on. Forgiveness was largely an inside job as you eased up on yourself for not being able to change situations and people that veered off track. Apollo, god of Light, was the son of Zeus and Leto. He was the twin brother of Artemis, the Huntress, lady of the wild things, and goddess of the Moon.

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