Horoscope for october 28 birthday

If You Were Born Today, October Some might say you are a law unto yourself. You combine originality with a sharp and logical mind into a.
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When you love someone, you love with an almost obsessive quality. You can easily fall into a trap of wanting to control and own the object of your affection and you're no stranger to using sex as a weapon.


October 28 Zodiac

After all, in your opinion, all is fair in love and war. Romantic prospects find you irresistible and you have the ability to hypnotize someone with your sexual prowess and promise of unending loyalty. If your love ever betrays you however, they will see the ugly side of your stinger. At your core you can be extremely vengeful when hurt. You're intensely emotional but so much of it is under the surface.

October 28 Birthday Horoscope — Zodiac Sign Personality

Still waters run deep. More than one person might brighten your life with sincere attraction. Working side by side with others can become a social event. Someone or something may help you feel younger or remind you of the serenity of your childhood.

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Revisit a hobby from the past or try something creative. You could feel others judge you unfairly or are dissatisfied with your family situation, but rest assured that this is a temporary condition.

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But yielding to impulse or experimenting with new methods could put you at odds with groups with different ideas. Concentrate on completing the tasks that desperately need your personal attention.

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Avoid interruptions and much can be accomplished. Recite positive mantras to abolish feelings of powerlessness, fear, or guilt.

Every path has primary and secondary influences

Reading good books or listening to spiritual leaders can improve your creativity. Do not get into debt or overextend yourself.

All good things come to those who wait, or so it is said, so wait until after the first of the year to make crucial business, financial or career decisions and changes. Wait until February to put your money on the line.

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